Magnetude Magnetic "Ladies Night" Eyelashes

Magnetude Magnetic "Ladies Night" Eyelashes

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Your makeup isn't complete without some lashes! If you hate glue on lashes like me, then these will be your new best friend!

-Up to 20 uses, depending on care

- Trimmable

- 8 bonus anchor magnets for added stability/hold. 

- For $55, you get the magnetic liner AND lashes/anchors. For $35, you get the lashes/anchors only. 

We cannot accept lashes and liners that have already been opened due to hygiene issues.
-Be sure to shake the magnetic line really well before applying. And "stir" as you pull the want out!
-Be sure to put on one coat of liner, let it fully dry, and apply a second coat.
- Be sure to use the anchors if your having trouble attaching to inner/outer edges!

I also did a "Live" video How-To on our VIP PugPack group on how to apply. Check out the video for a step by step, hacks, help with cleaning, and how-to use even WITHOUT the liner (BONUS!)